Drive more business and engagement to your booth.

Pipely is a turnkey, end to end gamification platform helping booth exhibitors generate new business and enhance conference engagement while providing real time analytics, insights & ROI.

Capture Leads & Engagement

Our platform brings your entire conference experience together to capture leads, drive customer engagement and convert attendees into customers.

With our attendee profile feature, you can instantly learn an attendee’s location, company size and more. Then, our Data Capture or Mobile Badge Scanner App and fully customizable Smart Leads features lets you filter specific data from each event to place attendees into a pool of potential sales leads.

Capture Leads & Engagement
Real Measurement & Insights

Real-Time Analytics & Insights

You’ll have a treasure chest of accurate data all in one place. From crucial Return on Investment (ROI) insights to Analytics, our platform doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully captured leads at your booth.

You can effortlessly begin analyzing data points with Pipely to plan for future events. ROI data tells you exactly how much you spent at each event. This provides beneficial cost analysis data to compare cost (how much was spent) to reward (number of good leads returned).

Connect Through Gamification

People love games and connecting your business to the thrill of competition means drawing attention to yourself. With Pipely’s gamification, interactive games and leaderboards features, you can bring out people’s natural competitiveness to not only get them to your booth, but stimulate them to return to view rankings.

Select a simple, yet stimulating interactive game from the Games Marketplace and attendees will flock to your booth to play. The Leaderboard brings them back to compare scores and provides multiple opportunities to engage with potential customers.

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Connect Through Giveaways & Raffles

Getting people into your booth is why your company spends the money, time and effort to display at these events. Making these connections count while providing real data insights is what Pipely can do for you.

Everyone likes to win something and contests, prize drawings or special promotions can attract more people to your booth. You can use the raffle, giveaways and gift cards features to set yourself apart from other exhibitors and all with just the click of a button.

  • Pipley helped us collect valuable leads with a simple and easy to use UI. Managing hundreds of leads was a breeze and with live report updates, we were able to share leads with our marketing ops team to execute communication to all leads in no time.

    Dragana Boras
    Dragana BorasProduct Marketing Manager, Telerik Platform
  • Pipely is so simple and intuitive, and it just works. I love the raffle feature. We were able to seamlessly capture leads at an event using a QR code that linked to a short form for attendees to fill out on their own devices while other exhibitors still fumbled around with pen and paper at their booths.

    Shelly Valentine
    Shelly ValentineProduct Marketing Manager,
  • Pipely helped us to track visitors and collect leads at our Trade Show Booth. It is a very well designed intuitive system using state of the art technology with great features. The Badge Scanner in the App worked perfect and we got great support from the pipely team with our customization needs.

    Gabor Wraight
    Gabor WraightSenior Technology Manager, Ehang Europe

Handy Features


Pipely knows what you need to run a successful booth. We have everything covered to make your next event great with no on-site technicians required.

Connect & Support

Supporting iOS, Android, and Desktop, Pipely is for everyone. Accessible on all mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and touchscreens.

Easy Access

The platform offers an intuitive interface, requiring no on-site technical setup. Pre-set game modules are designed to maximize engagement.


Interactive modules are designed to help build a connection between the leads and your brand.

Pipley Features


The games are simple yet stimulating. Leaderboards drive competition and the extra prizes and incentives bring those virtual wins into the real world.

Fully Customizable

An entire collection of options and administrator settings to interchange. Control difficulty, prizes, leaderboard settings, and more.

Track Success

You’ll be able to track visitors to your booth, measure acquisition cost, and stay connected to the results that matter to you and your team.
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