This is the part that will engage your patrons! All you have to do is select one of the interactive games from the Games Marketplace and you’re already on your way to making a great experience.

The games are simple yet stimulating and will help to drive the engagement of your patrons towards becoming a real lead or providing social engagement. The Leaderboards drive competition between your patrons and those incentives bring those virtual wins into the real world.

Interactive Games
Gift Cards

Gift Cards & Coupons

Gift cards and coupons can be the marketing pull you need when trying to set yourself apart. Increase your engagement and lead capture.  

Our platform allows you to setup built in coupons, discounts or gift cards with a click of a button.

Data Capture

Or use our smart lead form which is fully customizable,You can select what info to gather from patrons including name, email, phone number, company, country, and more.Select the background color and text color to fit with your brand.

Or use our social apps to generate engagement or increase your social presence.   

Attendee Data Capture

Real-Time Analytics

Analytics give you understanding and direction. They allow you to oversee what is happening in real-time, and then make the necessary changes. Don’t wander aimlessly. No exactly what is happening all the time – anytime.


Knowing how much each positive lead costs you is as important as closing that crucial deal. It allows you to scale whats working – and stop what isn’t.

Using Pipely’s ROI features enable you to find out the true value of your lead generation efforts. What matters to you, matters to us too.

Attendees Profiles

Patrons Profiles

The patron’s profile feature will instantly show your selected points of interest and demographics.

This can be the user’s location, company size, social profiles and more, allowing you to use them at the right point in your sales funnel. Learn more about attendee profiles

Smart Filters

Smart filters will allow you to filter what data is most important to you at each location allowing you to interact with your most important leads first.  Learn more about our smart filters 

Smart Leads


The leaderboard helps to show off the big results of your patrons and customers.You can display the current gaming results on any screen and at any point. Drive traffic back to your location and create that competitive feeling with your patrons.

Our smart win-lose algorithm based games are fitting to the fast-paced scene, made with the pure focus to draw in the crowds and encourage engagement.


Engage your patrons with the simple raffles feature. With just one click, Pipely allows you to setup raffles and competitions to engage your patrons with the goal of converting them into your next customer.

Seamlessly hand out prizes to your competition winners and make the winners feel like the valued customer they really are.


Giveaways & Discounts

It can be difficult to manage which of your clients received a gift, if at all. We’re about to make it a much better experience for your team.

Our unique platforms allow’s you to manage your giveaways and monitor who you have gifted. While giving out your giveaways, you can also capture new leads – a new way of marketing.

No more missed opportunities, Pipley lets you focus on what’s important.

Works Everywhere

The central benefit of using Pipely and all of the in-built games is that you can use it everywhere. Set it up on your Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile phone it’s ready to go.

Whether you use the kiosk mode or the public mode, your Pipely is good to go live on the big screen.

Works Everywhere
CRM Integration

CRM Integration / Export

Download your leads list with just one click. Quickly export the data into a CSV file in and when you’re ready, it’s ready to be analyzed. The data can be also be broken down and measured through our direct CRM integration making managing your client list as easy as 1-2-3..

Other features

User Roles


Location Score

App Integration

Social Apps

Technicians Not Required

Lead Management





Kiosk Mode