Why Pipely

An artist is not paid for his labor, but for his vision. – ames Abbott McNiell Whistler

Using Pipely isn’t just about getting access to the most unique and engaging gamification platform available today, but tapping into the driving force behind it. For us, this means our staff who bring their collective vision the design and implementation of our product on a regular basis. Boosting engagement and succeeding in a competitive business world means finding solutions that others have not which takes creativity, dedication, and experience.

An expert in the field

With some of the biggest fortune 500 companies in the industry including Intel, Bayer, Roche, Merck and 8 years in the field, we have honed our craft working on customized games, apps, booths, and displays for leading companies looking for high-tech solutions to the old problem of standing out from the crowd.


All of these strategies have been effectively funneled into Pipely’s customizable gamification interface. Proven to be the top lead platform for engaging customers, capturing leads and compiling actionable data from any physical location in the world.

  • Pipley helped us collect valuable leads with a simple and easy to use UI. Managing hundreds of leads was a breeze and with live report updates, we were able to share leads with our marketing ops team to execute communication to all leads in no time.

    Dragana Boras
    Dragana BorasProduct Marketing Manager, Telerik Platform
  • Pipely is so simple and intuitive, and it just works. I love the raffle feature. We were able to seamlessly capture leads at an event using a QR code that linked to a short form for attendees to fill out on their own devices while other exhibitors still fumbled around with pen and paper at their booths.

    Shelly Valentine
    Shelly ValentineProduct Marketing Manager, Modulus.io
  • Pipely helped us to track visitors and collect leads at our Trade Show Booth. It is a very well designed intuitive system using state of the art technology with great features. The Badge Scanner in the App worked perfect and we got great support from the pipely team with our customization needs.

    Gabor Wraight
    Gabor WraightSenior Technology Manager, Ehang Europe

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